Devil’s Canyon

His finger itched for action involuntarily, but this was more than a coyote scare. That was the pitch of Rose Spencer sinking into his pores, and she was no stranger to gunpowder and shrewd aim.

The Bank of the Boyfriend

Prompt: A Mouse in a Cupboard Genre: Memoir The world is a wide open field, open to possibilities, the sky is the limit, or so they say. Creativity can be found in even the smallest blade of grass, if you consider it from the right perspective. I was still in the process of recovering from … Continue reading The Bank of the Boyfriend

New Year, Same Me

Prompt: New Year’s Resolution Genre: Romance January 1st. Here we go again. Kendra thought. Everyone is about to start in with their “New Year, New Me,” resolutiony crap, but it never is! The few that do change are never the ones we wish would change! Each year, Kendra attempted to convince herself that “this will be the year I … Continue reading New Year, Same Me