Word of the Day: Bowdlerize

Silence. Oppressive silence. Nothing left to say, only intimations via a look or gesture. This was supposed to improve upon society, yet only served to sink it further into depravity. Censorship, a bowdlerized existence, the ultimate cleansing. What they failed to realize was man’s subversive creativity. Absent verbal lewdness, cues are reduced to individual interpretation … Continue reading Word of the Day: Bowdlerize

Word of the Day: Gyre

Circuitous, but beyond the ocean’s gyre, deep beneath the surface, her true intentions hide away, protected by her depth. Time, alone, follows. Entrails of twisted metal and misunderstood currents, mysteries abound, continuously drawing in the curious, the adventurers, the foolhardy believers in some exclusive immortality. Her cold embrace is welcomed as a flirtatious challenge. Answers … Continue reading Word of the Day: Gyre