The Complexity of Simple Truths

Silence rings clear.  Lost stares and repetitive mumblings.  Emotions collide.  Another's loss makes one's own glass seem half-full.  Who are the tears for?  What do they mean?  Is this right or wrong?  What do you say?  Anything at all?  Silence smothers.  Deep breathing mocks gasping.  Simple truths baffle.  Complexity is a shadow cast over them. … Continue reading The Complexity of Simple Truths

Spliced Perception

Memories furled.  Familiarity masked.  Curiosity piqued.  Changes melding into changes, a rippling effect on a still framed past.  Years peel away to lurk in the shadows.  Perception is spliced by present self and falsely remembered self.  A what-if smile of saddened contentment slips in.  An echo of truth creeps in. -Originally written Saturday, September 2, … Continue reading Spliced Perception