Prompt: Smudged Smudged are her thoughts, just around the edges, from perfect precision to hazy and obscure. A lipstick smear on the collar of her mind, telling, withholding reason. She has lost all sense of where to go from here. The journey meanders on the same path, backwards and forwards, and onwards... again? Never deviating, … Continue reading Smudged

Ascertaining the Value of Truth

Perspective: 1. a mental view or prospect 2. a visible scene 3. the interrelation in which a subject or its parts are mentally viewed 4. the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance 5. the appearance to the eye of objects in respect to their relative distance and positions (Definition by … Continue reading Ascertaining the Value of Truth

To Her Misguided Lord

(Response to Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress") If time fell shy of a normal passing, I would wish for love's long everlasting. We would sit and watch a twilight unfold, Or love's beginning, unsullied, unsold. You, sweet Lysander to my heart, I would Hold till the tide of eternity should Sweep us to our flower-strewn place of rest. Thus, you … Continue reading To Her Misguided Lord

Born In The USA…?

Sunday, December 30, 2018 - Unofficial Anniversary Dinner, Mohammed Noor Bokhari Restaurant - Manama, Bahrain Dusty road- leading to a mini-strip of culinary interests: Thai, Bahraini, …Starbucks?  An uncertain entrance and stairs off to the right.  A series of sink stalls peek from around a corner and a villa-esk dining hall welcomes us to have … Continue reading Born In The USA…?

The Ironically Named Four Seasons

Saturday, December 29th, 2018 - Official Anniversary Dinner at Wolfgang Puck’s inside The Four Seasons, Manama, Bahrain Women cast off their conservative robes and niqabs as they cross the bridge from the KSA. What was once fully covered, without even giving the imagination a chance at any hint of realism, comes out to play in … Continue reading The Ironically Named Four Seasons

Wesley Ramblings

New growth over what was previously stripped bare. Charred remains, encircled protectively, rough hewn and eager. Crooked ages leaning on the young. Raw adolescents reaching toward the heavens, straight and narrow, as they only know how, neither leaning nor entwining, singular. Light and shadows sway beneath a flawless azure eternity. Peace in babbling life amidst … Continue reading Wesley Ramblings

Painting My Obsession

Luscious thoughts consuming my focus, demanding full attention with their beautiful appeal.  Impervious to denial- denial is a mysteriously elusive entity.  Descriptive words baffle and frustrate.  Memories flash teasingly, allowing for only a brief taste of those finer feelings.  Eyes constantly slipping out of focus, wandering through the mind's newly created corridors, aimlessly lost, yet … Continue reading Painting My Obsession