Painting My Obsession

Luscious thoughts consuming my focus, demanding full attention with their beautiful appeal.  Impervious to denial- denial is a mysteriously elusive entity.  Descriptive words baffle and frustrate.  Memories flash teasingly, allowing for only a brief taste of those finer feelings.  Eyes constantly slipping out of focus, wandering through the mind's newly created corridors, aimlessly lost, yet … Continue reading Painting My Obsession

The Complexity of Simple Truths

Silence rings clear.  Lost stares and repetitive mumblings.  Emotions collide.  Another's loss makes one's own glass seem half-full.  Who are the tears for?  What do they mean?  Is this right or wrong?  What do you say?  Anything at all?  Silence smothers.  Deep breathing mocks gasping.  Simple truths baffle.  Complexity is a shadow cast over them. … Continue reading The Complexity of Simple Truths