Random Snippets

Exposed. Pulled from the sand. Shocked into the elements. Dandelion delicacies torn asunder in the wisp of a breath. Introspectives seize the assumptive possibilities. The living art suddenly turned out by the haphazard lathe baffles, fascinates, disrupts a carefully crafted vagary. Ambiguity of certain proclivities arrests extant self. Let the narrative of the causatum commence. … Continue reading Random Snippets

A Shade Past Coherent Presence

Freezes in the mind... ice cold reality... inescapable... inexplicable... racing to escape the past as it never occurred- should have occurred. But where would you be?Changes, it changes everything. Would you have your white picket fence? Or a single wooden crate? It is always the fence. Warm reality suggest the latter. Frozen... Stuck to your reality, … Continue reading A Shade Past Coherent Presence